Front Page Major U.S. stock exchanges dropped after the decision was announced. U.S. Fed’s own benchmark fed funds target rate rose to 2.3%. The U.S. Fed cut the interest it pays on excess reserves by [More]
Front Page The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 159.72 points lower, or 0.6% at 26,935.07. The S&P 500 pulled back 0.5% to 2,992.09. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 0.8%.The Dow and Nasdaq fell 1.1% and 0.7%. [More]
Front Page Hopes of a successful Brexit are looking bad as EU ministers have less than 2 weeks left. Ireland has warned of civil unrest on the border, and that there is still a wide [More]
Front Page Stay up to date and learn all you need to know with Steve Rich FX Crypto News. London just overtook New York for fintech investment. London has attracted 114 deals worth $2.1 billion. [More]
Front Page According to various reports, a leading U.S. tech firm has achieved “quantum supremacy” with a 53-qubit quantum computer. Here is a quick overview: NYSE owner launches futures contracts that pay out in bitcoin [More]
Front Page Yuan, weakened to 7.15 against the dollar on the news. Trump administration officials are weighing delisting Chinese companies from American stock exchanges and block all US investments in China, Chinese stocks drop on [More]
Front Page Stay up to date and learn all you need to know with Steve Rich FX. Most European banks are having to overpay 30-40bps over libor incl. A+ rated bank. The Fed will bailout [More]
Front Page The City of London remains the financial capital of Europe. Despite all the nonsense that the banks will leave and go to Paris. Most derivatives are still cleared in London. ESMA would still [More]
Front Page China is making strides to increase foreign access to its local markets. China’s moves to boost foreign business. China is looking to globalize its market. China will become the Financial Capital of the [More]