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Check out my penthouse apartment!

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Wan Kit says:

i need signal chart please

Maria Luisa says:

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Kingsley Eni says:

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Miguel thiago says:

Trading on your own or without a good strategy and a proper risk management system in place is just as you Gambling. Trading with signals that aren't accurate can cost you,let a trusted licensed professional handle your trades if you're not sure of you're skills. I trade only with the best account manager Mr.Clark that has shown together experience and knowledge from years of trading, message him(harryclark304@gmailcom) if you need help

Scott Allan says:

You seemed high running around opening cupboards/doors slamming them lol. Why do you not talk about your recruitment company that's were you've made the money

The Dark Wzrd says:

I heard you’re renting that place …

The Dark Wzrd says:

Connor Walsh your a nonce

Adie Pratama says:

Damn it!! Its so cool man, u get it all of with forex. Show me how to trading.

Artun Aybar says:

It will be great if u can do a video tutorial on how to open a trading account or just trading in general. Love your videos.

Aleksandr Zaicev says:

or maybe try the interview with the other Guys from UK,who know good the traiding:! its interesting for the people different opinions:!

Aleksandr Zaicev says:

Bro try to do the lifestyle blog i think it more interesting:!

Finlay Litte says:

RIP glass table

Zukas says:

How much does this house cost you if you don’t mind me asking?

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