Why 20 pips a day is the best Forex strategy? + Live Trading!

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Very important video, explaining why is 20 pips a day is the most profitable and best Forex strategy you can use in your day trading sessions, along with Live trading session, explaining the setups in depth and the reason to avoid some of them, I hope you enjoy and learn a lot with this video.


Steve Weehansuh says:

Nice one. Please teach me. What & where to look for in such a trade?

Mohammed Wadeed says:

Hi i have a 100,000 dollar trading account and need help trading it can i get your number please ?

Betzaida Buendia says:

your email contact oplease?

Immanuel Hamunyela says:

that is good strategy too but i use my own one … on 4H once a new candle open i use to check the first create if it low than i buy if it create high than i sell but i only do t by 8-10 pips

Olawale Massive says:

Good one bro

Maamuus Media says:

you make laugh and understand so many strategy very good man from somalia keep going bro

Absolute Zero says:

trading 20 pip moves (which is called scalping) is very bad strategy. Wealth is not creating by jumping in and out of the market, wealth is created by having a good analysis (technically based while fundamentally sustained) and trading long term waves. The longer the wave, the lower the risk, and the bigger the profit. Yes, it is boring to sit and wait, sometimes market stays flat and you don't make any money, but it is of low risk, and it is profitable over the long term. The "long term thing" is how you make money on the markets, not the "short term thing". The short term thing is risky and you will end up losing all on the stoploss. A professional day trader would of course have it easier to do short term trading, but the subscribers are not the pros.

Rolly Garciano says:

how to do that sir?
Only 20 pips?

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