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What’s better, forex or stock trading? Which is harder to trade, stocks or forex? Is forex easier than stocks? Which one should I invest my time in? And which is better for a beginner, forex or stocks? How is trading forex different from trading stocks? Is forex trading better than stocks?

Which is Better? Forex or Stocks? Many people default to one side or the other. Someone who has been investing before will often start to trade stocks. Those that are new often head immediately to currencies/trading forex. When I started trading it was UK stocks back in 2001 and I first started when someone spoke to me about the stock markets.

What’s better in terms of day trading the forex or stock market?
Should you trade Forex or Stocks? | Pros & Cons

Less margin
Very liquid – spreads are generally low particularly on the major pairs.
Loads of data as opposed to stocks where you have to pay to access Level 2 on exchanges
Free charts
Low barrier to entry, cheap way to get involved.
No day trading rules unlike stocks where in the USA you have the pattern day trading rule.

More extreme swings – I believe stocks have more extreme swings.
Larger universe to trade
More opportunity
Long vs Shorts

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