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Kudra Mohan says:

I was convinced by an Unregulated broker to invest. The last time i traded with Forex trade, I really trusted them and never expected to be scammed. i invested $20,000 with high hopes, initially i made profit, I was really happy so i invested more money for a bigger profit. all of a sudden, withdrawal became difficult and all effort to get the issue rectified proved abortive, it was then i realized all my funds were gone until i was referred to Mr Andrew Feldstein, a recovery agent who helped me recover all my funds within 14 working days. You can reach out to Mr Andrew Feldstein on WhatsApp, +852 9729 0596 or mail him on andrewfeldstein911@gmail. com

Miller William says:

Forex is more profitable with an expert trader guiding one as a newbie…

Jenis b Minaya says:

I am teaching forex the right way jmtradersacademy 🙂


The quantity of the fake comments on this video made me cry!

Hernan E Batista Z says:

This is a great video. I am using it in my own website about this topic here: https://binbitforex.club/%ef%bb%bfbretton-woods-and-the-forex-market/

Henderson rowland says:

Forex trading is accessible, exciting, and offers traders lots of opportunities.

Bryan jergeron says:

I agree this is very possible as long as your risk to reward ratio is balanced and you stick to your trading strategy I started with $1000 and now $9000 in just one month.

Miss Baje says:

Im a full Time trader and have taught over 300 people the skill, if you need assistance Check out JOIN MY ACADEMY .COM

viper gt says:

You should make a video on how to use forex for beginners and how you started to help others out

Oliver Brooks says:

I encountered a lot losses when I started trading but with the help of an expert Mrs Michelle Phillips my story has really changed, you can contact Mrs Michelle with her mail <<< michellephilips38@gmail, com >> for trading assistance and guidance she's very reliable and professional

Rican BOY says:

I could never get this!

Lowen Tumbler says:

Even if you’ve never invested before in your life, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to figure out Forex trading within a matter of weeks, trading with a reliable forex broker like Wes Grafton.

Jessi Whittle says:

Kyle Steven Wall is the best broker and portfolio manager out there, he has made me over $25,000 in the last two months of engaging him as my portfolio manager/broker. Just run his name on thegoogle search to see all I am saying. He has so much experience with the markets…… don't be lazy to research/reach him

Khojiakbar Rakhimov says:

very understandable

Kaitlin Ivy Bombers says:

The online market is broad and complicated. But with proper professional guidance and expertise you' are sure to have lucrative returns from it.

Preta Semènta says:

I’ve been able to generate high ROi from trading cryptocurrency and forex through the help of a professional, Mr. Oliver, Thousands of us worldwide owe our trading success to him.OnlineRodds@gmail,com. Thank me later

Hannah Cholerton says:

I am glad his business Plan and Software strategy helped me put things into perspective as far as the long term exponential growth using conservative leverage. I now take smaller positions, not stay in trades to long, accept break even stops, have patience, and only trade for a very short time. So far I have made over $37,000 trading forex with Jim oddain and right now I am spending the rest of my life enjoying it with my family in Florida.

MYOB says:

Has anyone here worked with New Investment company? They have a Facebook group and seem legit. Your comments will be appreciated. Thank you.

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