Weekly Forex Review – What is Happening in the Market?

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Weekly Forex Outlook and Review for the 28th of September to the 2nd of October Forex Market.

Pairs and Markets Analysed this Week: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, ASX200 ( Australian 200 index ), S&P500 ( US 500 index ) and USDCAD.

Aspects covered in the review include highlighting how price moved last week on multiple markets as well as highlighting potential trading areas ( trend and counter trend trading zone areas ), management point areas and target areas to be aware of this week.

Last week AUDUSD reached a long term target for all those holding a sell trade on this market from the 0.7362 zone area, an area highlighted in the previous review of this market, NZDUSD reached a target low for all those that took a sell trade in the 0.6718 zone area, an area mentioned in the previous review of this market and USDCAD reached a long term target area for all those that took a buy trade in the 1.3055 zone area, an area mentioned in the previous review of this market.

Unfortunately last week Gold and Silver broke below their higher low support areas, this lead to quite a large decline of silvers price. I will update those two soon. Also, EURUSD last week broke below its higher low support area as well, an area that held multiple times before that.

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