Weekly Forex Analysis | GOLD

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Ajay Mukherjee says:

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NFG Sufyaan says:

I sold gold at 1549 my SL is 1560 i used a big lot size which was stupid i really hope gold drops

Almadina Traders says:

Thanks brother

Mustafa Ghafoori says:

Can i follow you on social media like instagram

Avioo1 says:

thank you Mr. Salah for doing all the technical analysis it has helped me with my analysis because i would do my analysis and then look at your videos too see if i am on the same page as and experienced forex trader

Delta Hunter says:

Tq Mr. Salah

mfymfy000 says:

very good . thanks Mr. Salah

andy sky says:

Very nice guy for sharing with us. Thanks

del young says:

really good stuff. all the best

plesca eugen says:

thanks a lot mr. Salah and miss Angela !

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