Uncovering Forex Strategies USED by the Big Banks

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Want to trade like the institutions? Lets take a look at the strategies they used so you can MODLE their same methods….More Below

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Bank Strategy Websites
Millennium: https://www.mlp.com/about/
Bridgewater: https://www.bridgewater.com/research-and-insights/three-questions-that-every-fund-should-ask-themselves
AQR: https://www.aqr.com/Strategies

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leona king says:

You go Mr. K.

Obie Cano says:

Congrats on your impending 100K subs!!! I would love to see how a Fundamental Trader trades, do they use technical analysis to get the best price or do they take a position and simply HODL with some type of hedge and accept the drawdown until the market agrees with their opinion? I believe these hedge funds can take on significant drawdown unlike the retail trader.

Nam Phạm says:

Bro u need some good mic because the sound quality is a lit bit bad i think

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