U.S China Trade War Explained by Forex Trader

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Trade war explained simply in this video and how to profit from trade war. I want to share with you what is a trade war between china and usa and the effects of it on the stock market and you as a consumer.

You can either complain about the trade war effects or you can benefit from it by looking at the right places. I’m not saying that the trade war impact is good but i believe that in any recessions or crisis, there are opportunities to benefit from it.

China and usa has been on a trade war since last year and has made the markets very unpredictable. I’m going to give you an overview of the impact and effects and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Advice provided in this video is mere recommendation and I will not be responsible for any losses incurred from your investments or trading activities. Investing and trading is a high risk activity and should be approached with caution. I am not a certified financial advisor. Hence, it is important for you to seek a certified financial advisor to craft your portfolio.


Singapore youtuber profile:

Karen is Singapore Forex trader, Singapore motivational speaker, Singapore youtuber, Singapore vlogger , author and was ranked #1 in a Singapore nationwide Forex trading contest.

This trader vlog showcases the trading lifestyle and entrepreneurship life, plus weekly motivation for those that are not traders.

It’s also a Singapore vlog where most of the shots are done in Singapore. She will also be bringing you around the island to explore Singapore.

Karen is a motivational speaker based in Singapore and Malaysia and delivers talks that touches the heart of her audience members.

She is a motivational speaker that is well sought after by many schools and event planners as she is known for solving several teenage problems as she has experienced many setbacks as a teenager back then.

Email: karen@karen-foo.com
Website: http://www.karen-foo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KarenFooSpeaker
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imkarenfoo/


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Karen Foo says:

What are your thoughts on the trade war?

ArcadeBeast says:

At 4:30 what are the things karen foo said are going down?……….because of her accent i couldn't hear clearly what she was saying.

Nicholas Ong says:


your videos are educational. Please make a video on sentiment


Soh Jiang Wen says:

Please make a sentiment analysis video, Karen!

akowe shedrach says:

thanks KAREN for this video,it was instructive .please do a video on sentiment analysis.

Dom Ceja says:

Please do sentiment analysis video! I am really enjoying your content!

Captain James T. Kirk says:

It's about making things fair. If China charges us 25% for auto imports, we should charge them the same. I'm willing to pay more or something if it means we will no longer be walked all over by other countries. A half trillion dollar deficit with China is ridiculous.

Whatever happened to "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."

Oussama Khayi says:

if i understand from what youre saying the stock market and forex market will have a significant change like sp500 usd pairs and AUD CAD..
is their more affected ??

JK Rob says:

Yes video on sentiment.

Relly Gwuop says:

your the best

Weng Chee says:

Dear Karen Foo, please do the sentiment analysis video!
Thank a lot!
I appreciated it!

David Motiri says:

Please make the sentiment analysis video :)))

Oluwaleke Oyedeji says:

Karen, I understand from your videos that you are more of a long term trader, the challenge is how does one trade long term when you only have $800 in your account. How does one interpret the fundamentals in trading longterm? If you have videos on this already, let me have the link. Currently, I'm more of a scalper, and I must admit I'll like to be in a position where I can lock down my trades for longer periods say 1week to 1 month,but I need a proven strategy and a deep understanding of the fundamentals to do this without fear of blowing my account. I'll be waiting for your reply on the link to a video of yours where this is explained in detail for newbies like me. Thanks for all you do.

cheddar bob says:

Hey Karen do you plan on doing any more online courses? id come to a seminar but i'm half a world away lol

MPlain says:

Traded the Peso both ways last few days. Nice returns.

My King says:

the most important to not be affected by trad in long term is to invest in passive income , with money of trading its sure value

TheKingMormon says:

“If the past history was the only thing to check this time most successful people would have been librarians” Warren Buffet

Mark Donaldson says:

The U.S. Is looking to cut interest rates not increase them.

GL C says:

Trade War will hurt both economies and increase the hardship of the people. By the way US currency is losing value at increasing rate through the years due to their excessive printing of money from thin air. Safe haven would be gold, silver and bitcoin as deflationary hedge against inflationary currencies.

fister fish says:

these tariffs is getting out hand, trump is a nut job. it is 2008 recession all over again, start hoarding gold people, the fed just keep propping up the dollar with low interest rates and endless worthless debt printing.

Johnathan Grey says:

President Donald Trump just won the deal over China. China wants to make a deal.

Laila Pagkaliwangan says:

Thank you very much for this informative video.

MONO ALI says:

thank you teacher.

Cyril P says:

Yes, have been affected by the trade war, its negatively impacted my small cap Nickel stock, but with Nickel forecasts set to improve, I see the short-term negativity as a great buying opportunity. Just hope the forecasts predictions are correct!

Nice explanation Karen, thanks!

Samuel Nwaubani says:

yeah karen do a video on sentiment

Holy Goly says:

China and Rusia will crush US economy dominance.

Calvin Liew says:

Please do sentiment analysis video

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