Trading Forex on News Releases and Economic Indicators 💥

Trading Forex on News Releases and Economic Indicators PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE If you’ve been trading for a while you know that most of these news releases are recorded on an economic calendar and some are prone to move the market more than others. So can you trade these economic data releases?

The effect of Economic Data Releases on Foreign Exchange Markets

11 economic indicators that move the forex market:
1) GDP, overall economy health – this number is quite lagged so we are unlikely to get massive moves on it.
2) NFP, 1st Friday / linked to business cycle – this report comes out every month – if unemployment is way more than expected it means that it will have an impact on the business cycle later on – like an advance warning.
3) Unemployment rate – percentage of the labour force actively looking for work.
4) Federal funds rate – interest rate announcement decided by the Feb. This is another big thing – if the interest rate, the rate of the USD dollar exchange will move.
5) Consumers confidence – surveying a broad sector of people to check people’s confidence about the economy
6) CPI, consumers price index, inflation index
7) Industrial Production Index – this measures the level of USA output in terms of quantity of material produced as opposed to dollar amount.
8) Capacity Illustration – how much capacity is being utilised in the manufacturing sector
9) Retail Sales
10) Durable good orders
11) Initial jobless claims

These are the major economic indicators that drive the forex market.

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