The truth about Forex trading

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I understand that people get excited about trading Forex, making money, living their dreams, etc… But the reality is that, in my opinion, it takes really hard work to become a successful trader. Are you willing to put in the time and effort?


Jantan Sopan says:

If you are good in gambling, forex can be suitable for you…..IMHO

Frank Bills says:

Forex trading have been a means of financial aid to many people, the rich gets richer and the poor also gets richer through forex trading

The Man says:

If anyone have any information on Reed Peeters please let me know I believe I’m getting scammed but not 100% sure do to lack of information please help.

Felix .C. Olofsson says:

The foreign exchange market is home to opportunity. If you’re not trading according to the plan you will get sucked in crowd thinking.

Luzia Mike says:

please i want to be part of this . i need more information. Anyone?

Jason Cole says:

They are few men who are expert on trading i count Bombay Burmah expert as one because of his unique trading strategic .

Jaden Walker says:

nice video and very interesting that is why trust Burmah expert

Mark Bridge and says:

Forex trading market is a goldmine, if you know your way around it.

Fire Montana says:

Forex trading will soon be bombarded by the young guys trying to “get rich quick” smh

Henderson rowland says:

Forex trading, is among the most exciting and fast paced markets around. But you should also know that the forex trading system can sometimes be complicated.That is why you need a pro broker to help you.

Ab Momin says:

Never profit with forex

sophia jenny says:

Well to me, forex is the easiest and fastest way of earning income consistently and effectively, when trading under the right platform.

Proc Barkley says:

Contact Mr Cory Clinton with his mail clintoncory89@gmail .com for trading assistance, he has really helped me grow my account immensely

Janna Morrison says:

FOREX IS A REAL SINGLE PLAYER GAMING PLATFORM controlled by your broker. There is no market shaping the movement. Every aspect of it is simulated. You are trading by your self against a program. As long as you leave your money in the account- you will be allowed to win. However- the risk of building your account over time, or quickly- is if you try take money out of the account- you wont be allowed to. The system will turn against you and take all your winnings plus the money you started with. This was told to me by the ceo of FXCM. "No one has walked away with a dime. Ever"

I'm like a human robot- the chart movement is run by algorithms – which I can detect their patterns. I've made 2 million on 50k trade accounts many times. I figured this would help with the 1mil account I was given to run. The CEO told me not to. Said I would lose all their money- no matter how good I was. So I didn't. Robot House of Forex- have you tried closing your account? To cash out your gains? I bet you haven't taken any money out at all. I'm asking you to take out half the money – or whatever goes well below what you started with (you can put it back in after) Tell us if you succeed. Cash in hand. Otherwise- your deep in a game you can't win in the end. Tip- close all trades – wait 2 weeks with no activity – then request the money. This prevents them from being able to take the money away using market movements. Good luck. (better to find out now)

Greg Richards says:

Forex and commodity trading is rubbish. These markets are rigged. Way too many variables making markets go up or down in a matter of minutes. Many insiders who know the direction of an instrument long before you and I do and who make and manipulate the news so it's to their advantage so they can take people's hard earned cash. You better off investing in equities…all you need is a little patience…willing to spend some time reading and doing your due diligence and know how to read a balance statement correctly. Problem is that people are not patient…they don't want to wait for the right opportunity…they want quick money. My strategy is really simple…I study the earnings calendar…look for reputable companies that are traded in huge volumes…do some homework on the companies I have identified as good investments….wait for the earnings announcement…read through the balance statement and if the information is positive and a company shows strong earnings and I'm comfortable with my decision…I buy. Since I trade CFD's…a geared product…I do not hold a position in a company for longer than a day…sometimes just a few minutes or a few hours. It rarely happens that forex jumps by 5-10% a day. With stocks this is possible. Example: Company A trades at $10 per share. You buy 500 shares that is $5000 with a leverage X5 leverage you need $1000. The price of the stock increases by 10% that is a $1 increase in the stock price. 500×1 that is a $500 profit and a 50% return on investment. Just saying and good luck to all the traders.

sawyer anna says:

Most people thinks they know it all and then make bad choices, I couldn’t risk having myself lose consistently. It’s been a good run for me trading with a guide.

Johaine Mentoor says:

wow< love this vid man thats realy the truth lol

Validusy says:

Hard work is a prerequisite to successful, but alone won't make you successful.

Julius Galido says:

What is the consequences if we put our money worth 100k to trade to forex then all of a sudden the the trade performance was down as in negative -50. The question is, there is a possible that my money will back to 100k after several years and have a high return?

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