The Truth About Being A Funded Forex Trader 🤔

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00:38 crypto chat
02:55 rip laptop
03:27 notion layout 2022
06:53 market outlook
09:52 what its like being funded
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I’m Hannah, from London UK and I started my trading journey back in January 2018 when I was in my second year of university. I started documenting for fun and to share true insights of someone learning to trade back in July 2018 – when this YouTube channel was created. From signals to hitting consistency and now trading a 6 figure funded account – I hope you find something valuable from my content 🙂

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Mariah Forex says:

I resonate completely with what u said. Love ur videos……and true many funded traders don't actually reach their first withdraw! Sad but true

Jop Klutman says:

Great video! Really lovely. I’ve had many strategies of trading/ea’s, currently testing with rsi strategie to see if there’s a possibility to get funded with it..

Dani Kalashnikov says:

don't be unconfident about your strategy, I'm ICT student and u have institutional edge, but one serial like market maker premier of his YT channel can excel your stategy ofc.


Guys trust me the secret of consistency is trading plan , Please Guys trust me.

David Derri says:

Thanks for this video, true what you said about getting your first payout and keeping it quiet. Getting funded is the stepping stone. If I get my first payout by God's Grace ama treat myself & family to a nice outing. Thanks for your updates

Liam Hirst says:

I’m currently learning price action trading but want to learn more about
Smart money concepts
Anywhere you would recommend ?

Josh Emmanuels says:

Amazing content.. I love how realistic you are. Please do more of this… Your lifestyle is motivating..

ahmed muzhiru says:

I am thinking how you see perspective in the chart for short term trading there so much going on each price bar.

zer0xMD says:

Is this SMC strat?


love your energy

Harri Lindholm says:

That "Click to Subscribe" Intro edit is amazing, can I ask how did you do it? Or software? Great video too!

nassim baaziz says:

Liking the S1. Car review on the other channel by any chance?

Craig Jones says:

Hang in there Hannah… Keep pressing forward! I LOVE your VIDZ!!!

Sora says:

Great vid! could you tell us the background music called at 8:55?

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