The Reality of Professional Forex Trading

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| About Me |

My name is Raul, I am a professional day trader with a couple years of experience in the currency market. I have been able to make a return on my trading accounts consistently through my trading methodology and risk management system. My overall goal is to help others with their trading and help them achieve their goals.

| Recommended Books |
Market wizards (Jack Schwager)
Trade your way to financial freedom (Van K. Tharp)
Trading in the zone (Mark Douglas)

I am not a registered financial adviser. Everything that is provided in this video is purely for educational purposes only. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.


Nintendo Gouda says:

For real crypto is profitable
Crypto is the new gold

Felix Koiengu says:

Please do a part 2 Raul. Maybe put up options on your insta story to get opinions on what to talk about. Keep up the good work man Love the content!

alan duckman says:

Thank you. Appreciate your honesty. You are the man!

Daniel Chinwogu says:

How much time do U put into trading everyday as an intermediate

Malion W says:

good insight

WrightWorld says:

Yo you should go over how you made it bro. Like the exact dollar amounts ("I started with x amount and flipped it to this amount, then did this, etc") and give your best advice. Like step by step. Appreciate the honesty tho! Great vid

juan sebastian tarquino jimenez says:

part 2 10000%

john cormier says:

so how much percentage you make monthly

Beastmaster Tech says:

Ok got gamble on the ftmo take ur time on the real

syed47239 says:

Keep these vids coming bro! I love watching them. As for topics: Can you make a video on Staying disciplined to your trading plan?

Agustin Devincenzi says:

You are the best!

Jessie Portilo says:

The flipping small accounts mindset results in gambling & sabotage. I used to have the mindset of trying to flip my $1K account but now that I know about prop firms I’m aiming to be consistent. Currently up $18 knowing that when I get a big account that will be $1800. If I can consistently make $18 everyday on this tiny account that’s worth more than a yolo trade where I randomly win a heap of money because it’s only a matter of time before I give it back. That’s my psychology right now.

Manuel GC says:

Raul is ready for Christmas 2021 already haha

everything josh says:

more videos like this . its simple either you actually trade or gamble

Savage Hall says:

How important is risk management and RRR?

Limitless CJ says:

Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed this informational video.

Hundmist says:

Where do you live that’s so warm now? And where did you get that sweet office chair?

Emmanuel W Mbiah says:

Man pleaseeeeeeee drop these videos more often. Having to wait this long for your video is torture. I learn so much from your videos bro. You don’t know how much your mindset has helped me in my trade journey. Will be joining your community soon. Am working towards that. Hope to see the next video soon. Peace .

Omar Chavarria says:

Brother, my god you are the real deal, this shit motivates me, inspires me to keep going, i aspire to trade with a larger account, its just a matter of time, there are levels to this career. Congrats bro on everything you've been able to achieve, i know your dads proud man. I want to make mine proud and you just let the fire inside me, burn and burn to the point where how could I not become succescful with the dedication and time i put in. I go back to you and reflect and all I know and keep telling myself I just have to do better than my yesterday self. Thank You Raul.

Asher Jintoorkar says:

You can’t do 10 to 15 percent a month. Even the best money managers in the world only do 30 percent per year on average some have done 100 percent years but on your logic you would do like 120 percent a year or 180 percent you are so fake. Don’t try and sell this sort of shit. You are a pure gambler!

Patrick Nalletamby says:

Hey Raul. Could you cover a video explaining your reasoning behind the forex pairs you prefer. Is it down to market and geopolitical correlations, economic or political announcements etc. Thank you for your regular content and dedication to your subscribers.

Petit Pelican says:

can you explain how to brake throghu barriers when you feel stuck and are always in break even in your trades



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