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So many people over complicate Forex trading. Look how simple it is here. High probability trade set up. Entries, stops, targets, management, news, exit.

This morning this trade set up. I had been watching it over the last couple of days so I thought I would take you step by step on how I:

1) analysed the market
2) identified it as a high probability trade
3) used a lower time frame entry technique
4) used trade management
5) used discipline
6) waited for news

If you only ever watch one video, just watch this and understand, this is the way to trade with consistent profits.

See you int he live room!

Jason G


I look forward to seeing your comments and questions below!

You can watch my trading partner Akil Stokes take a slightly different approach on this trade as he shoots for extended targets using trailing stops. If you would like to see how you can trail stops on a position like this and lock in further profits, check out the video below


Gregory Adorian says:

the main indicators would be support and resistance but a few others just to help confirm. the confirmations would be a preferance thing not the same for everybody IMAO.

Forex Guy says:

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John Brennan says:

Trade without fear is my number one rule

Somutochukwu Nwanya says:

Awesome video. Would you mind doing a podcast session with Chat With Traders?

bakang kopano says:

this is the best video on youtube ….. thanks my bother……keep on posting

Billy howe says:

Investing in forex and other cryptocurrency, has made me lots of profits from where ever i am in the world. All thanks to Mr jacob Henderson, my expert trader.

Twinning us says:

This says the only video I’ll ever need but I think I need another video

Jane Mayfield says:

Great newbie video! Thank you!

Zen The Creator says:

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Phelan Broderick says:

For a long time, I have been interested in the forex market. So I decided to do a little research about investing and it's been rewarding.


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Miss Baje says:

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Dimooon Yankl says:

what software is that? i installed MT4 but i dont like it.

Mia Santos says:

So many ways to make a profitable trade as a beginner, so am going be comment on below.

JJ says:

This is all new to me. Where do I begin? From what everything on the screen means and how to work out what to spend.

Ted Munger says:

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keiran timson says:

It semms easy but I don't understand using the correct indicators or knowing what they are good for.
Really would like to see a video just on indicators and which one to use and why.

Mark Craft says:

I enjoyed your presentation of your entry and concept. Thank you for sharing.
Last time I checked RSI is an indicator but I think I know what you meant. Trade on.

Kaitlin Ivy Bombers says:

Definitely a fortune you’ll be earning if you trading with proper guidance. I been on the market months now and I continue making profits

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