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The 4 forex strategies that every trader should know! To help other traders, Comment your strategy & why you use it!!

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Creating a forex Strategy
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Easiest Forex Strategy !!
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The easiest forex strategy is one that allows new traders to start seeing results faster than others, but always remember. Some strategies have pros and cons!

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Gnasty88 says:

Coming into this video I wasn’t sure there was much value for me but that quickly changed as I learned something. Thank you

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Mark Hales says:

Thank you so much for this absolutely valuable information, bless you.

Brenda Gonzalez says:

I've never seen someone as perfect as Mr Anderson, He knows how to analyse trades, and with his strategies he earned me so much profit.

Jullie Flora says:

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The Hand says:

Luck is what you need. No strategy can predict the future

Phelan Broderick says:

The hard truth is that most people find it very difficult to sustain profits trading forex. But do not be put off, there are people that have started as amateurs and then gone on to become very successful forex traders.

Freedom Traders says:

nice info here bruva!!!!!


Hope to learn forex trading to help my family needs.

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Lush says:

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