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So it depends on where you’re at in your journey. If you’re further along in your journey, I think social media is more helpful, but if you’re newer, I think it can be a bad thing. Do you ever have those days where you see someone making thousands of dollars and you’re like, damn, I should make more. Let me increase my loss size. M. It’s mostly you, because unfollow me. It’s that way because. But it’s a great lesson because it’s like, what separates the PNL is not really not the system. It’s the trader. So you follow your rules. You’ve been a lot more disciplined, more consistent than I have. You’re expecting about a 50% win rate with the two to one risk or ratio. That’s what you expect. That’s what my system has. The difference is, last year you made a quarter million. Last year, I probably made like, 30,000 trading. It’s not that our system, like, you have an 80% win rate and a five to one risk score ratio.


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