SIMPLE and PROFITABLE Forex Scalping Strategy!

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In this video, I will walk you through a simple forex scalping strategy I’ve been using successfully in the forex markets for the past few years. We’ll cover everything from the basic rules to entry and exit!

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ForexSignals TV says:

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Martin says:

It makes sense to teach people a strategy, because if more people do it, you can predict the price movements because they're doing the same as you.

mosoti 86 says:

how high should be the spread for this strategy?

Badanmahal TV says:

thanks for tutorial. it is so helpful for forex scaling, next i am waiting for tutorials.

say something about this website – @t

Badanmahal TV says:

thanks for tutorial. it is so helpful for forex scaling, next i am waiting for tutorials.

say something about this website – @t

Jeremy Dubner says:

Finally a video that makes sense. Been working on my patience now because in order to win I can't let emotions get in the way and I really want to be a full time trader someday so my family doesn't need to struggle so I'm definitely going to study and watch more of your videos today. I'm building a five dollar account since I almost blew it listening to other people's signals. I refuse to loose. Thank you again for this video

kevin comery says:

hi do you have to weight for the pull back candle stick to touch the 8 EMA first.

Edward bradman says:

Whenever a trader says he is using a system sometimes. U can almost guarantee that this is his primary system. I really wonder if he is profitable. There is an inherent fear of sharing a system that is successful. Eg 50%+ so I'm assuming this would b successful about 35-40% of the time. This means his profit would b marginal at best otherwise why share.

Sandro Riegert says:

Hi there, just one question : in 5M, what is the 13 EMA for ? Are the 8 & 21 not enough also as in the 1H ?

Kaupo Tomson says:

Hey! You said that there are 20 something currency pairs that you reccomend this stratrgie for. Can you name them please?

Eric Ramirez says:

Amazing strategy! If you’re patient and wait until all criteria are met.. you will profit. Just tested this strategy today on my demo account and i was not disappointed.

ace phyo says:

hello, Mr.Andrew , Can I use this strategy on higher timeframe ? like 4 hour anchor chart and 1 hour entry chart ?

Dany Garcia says:

Search ICT (Inner Circle Trader) Thank Me Later.

ahmed hamidane says:

In the moving averages settings

In shift we choose 0 ?

Thiên Kim Thời trang says:

Can I download your video and use it on our website?

We use it for educational purposes in Vietnam.

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