Secret Tip To Detecting Trend Changes As Early As Possible In Forex

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Want to know how to detect a trend change on the Forex Market as soon as possible. Well, let the video above show or reveal a secret tip hidden from most professional traders. And that secret weapon is understanding what to look for on the weekly charts, by identifying when to get in or stay in properly, not only can one dominate the forex market, but one can also manage there time as effectively as possible..

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binomo Tplt19 says:

Engage in trading the right way and earning profits on the Binomo platform today.

smacleod69 says:

This makes no sense at all! Are you counting 3 or 4 candles to confirm a trend to enter a trade? Or counting 3 or 4 candles for a reversal to enter a trade? And the indicators you used are not Good for currency trading. Only for Stocks

Jerrell Williams 1 says:

Great video

cinematic comics channel says:

thanks!-great vid!-what is the name of those arrow pointers?I use think or swim.also,i hear from other teachers that all these things Bollinger bands,fibinacci,etc. are BS.i hear form other teachers that there's no way that the people controlling the markets are going to help you in any way because it doesn't suit the.what do you think about that Tom.also,wht program do you trade on?which do you suggest?thanks!

Ruben Rojas says:

Wow, this is the video I was looking for confirm my strategy

Dangelo Mack says:

@forex reviews Is that an indicator your using to show engulfing candles?

Max Harper says:

Investing on the market really got me earning so much on the online trading system

Manisha Kamble says:

Plz send the download link

Manisha Kamble says:

Which indicators are used this chart

Tony Flynn says:

Would be good idea to see some fruits of his own labours (cash in his account)…so many''Teachers'' on utube showing off ideas and leaking ''top secret trading advice'' . If your'e a beginner you would need some serious cash in your account to trade like this to start with. Swing trading is long term, esp. if your using weekly candles , which means your stop loss , if using one, would need to be huge! Who counts 3 to 4 WEEKLY candles before committing to trade? Having said that, I think the engulfing candle on a weekly chart is very significant.

1234ashful says:

from here ))) thanks a lot buddy

Samuel Ikele says:

I enjoyed this tip.thank you very much sir.

tecnolover2642 says:

7:26 WTH? Says we need an engulfing candle or 3 to 4 non engulfing candles to confirm direction (i think…?) and then procedes to show us 3 small bullish candles and then an engulfing bullish candle and says we are not to trade them? Totally confused!

My comment on engulfing candles is they work to confirm reversals sometimes but not all the time. NOTHING WORKS ALL THE TIME.

ش faudel says:

Moving averages are powerful tools to use in your trading. Moving averages are a great place to look for clues to what levels are key areas for support and resistance, and for trend identification. They have meaning because they are used as technical indicators as key level to trade off of, and in systematic trading for entry and exits signals. Moving averages are an unbiased trend indicator. Trend lines are subjective, moving averages are quantifiable facts. A good strategy to use with the moving average is the iQD strategy from Lukasz Wilhelm

Nelson Wood says:

I have lost over $600 trading forex

Danai Theofficial says:

What is 3-4 candles? Not explaining clearly

Yusef kawghi says:

This is what I was looking for a while , big thanks, great video!

Delta Hunter says:

By the 3rd/4th candle, the trend is already done. Why wait?

J Moneybaby says:

What does he mean by 3 candle minimum

callum Bell says:

Great video, Thank you.

Mike THE mask says:

Lovely stuff good honest trading thanks man….. you got a new Sub here mate keep them videos coming an hopefully one day I can return the favour.

believe me says:

I cannot afford the draw downs as a newbie trader to do this method.

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