Professional Forex trading course Part 3 | Tani FX courses in Hindi and Urdu

In this tutorial information about 10 more points. First supply and demand 2nd Forex news impact. 3rd Forex brokers, market making and STP brokers. 4th Group working, online scam and blackmailing problems in Pakistan, India and all the world. 5th point today topic spread, slippage and leverage. 6th topic in this professional course tutorial pivot point and high low. 7th topic difference between Forex trick, plan and strategy. 8th topic Forex indicators and price action. 9th point country political situation and last point in today topic Forex auto trading ( EA ). all information in this Professional Forex trading course Part 3 in Hindi and Urdu by Tani Forex. For more information about Tani FX Basics tutorial for beginners and other free online courses must visit


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