No Stop Loss Swing Trading Forex Strategy 😵

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No stop loss swing trading forex strategy so be wary. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE I think this strategy has some hidden dangers to it but let’s inspect it in some detail. We have two EMA (exponential moving averages) that in my case happen on a daily chart. Although I would say this strategy would work on other liquid forex pairs and other timeframes above a 4 hour. The theory is that its a standard moving averages crossover strategy. So you’re buying when when the 9 period moving average crosses above the 18 period moving average and you go short when the 9 period crosses below the 18 period. One warning to this is that the risk is open-ended – you have to trade small size otherwise the risk is too high. You have to be disciplined with this as if you get a few sharp days against you it can really hurt.


Veli Tuncer Colak says:

If you are sure of your strategy, you can small the size and use wider SL. Never trade without SL. Plus dont forget sometimes market open with huge gaps. E.g Last month Brent Oil openned with a gap 10%.

BrotherTree1 says:

This strategy is great… But I'd still put in what I think is a reasonable initial Stop Loss. I'd prefer getting stopped out by noise… I'd just re-enter, provided the thesis still has validity later. To reduce chances of getting stopped out by noise, I'd widen the stop loss to the next common price action level, and that's back to basics with static resistance and support, based on the timeframe you're looking at.

fallofshadows FPV says:

No stop loss? Lol, your broker always has a stop in place for you, it's called a margin call.

alex benjamin says:

It works well on trending market and people with deep pockets. Or you can leverage using small size

Adam K says:

No stop loss? On forex? You trying to make us go on margin call???

KangoKid Kidd says:

Shit just right a blank check.

KangoKid Kidd says:

this is the suicide method,,, go to bed wake jump off a bridge

Andrew Morris says:

Jimmy Balodimas of Market Wizards is worth a look and read. Doesn't use stops, trades around his positions and does everything you are basically told not to do. I've tried this with a very small probative position to start so I can stay in the game even if I am wrong and trade around my position. It is not for the those with a weak stomach. It requires a lot of screen time and the temptation to get out when you have experienced draw downs and are happy to just break even. That is where I just killed myself because basically that is when I finally cornered the market and got it, "Right. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have the time to put in on your trade and you need to step on the markets neck when you finally get it right. It is very counter intuitive.

Ky Le says:

Highway to hell.

Thomas Immler says:

cool interessant

Sebastián Fernández says:

Margin margin call x.x

It was says:

For me it is not about no stop loss at all. It is about having a mental stop loss. Play safe, do not trade a huge amount on a single position.

Eric Aroh says:

Risky, but has merits.
Trick is to watch the news (minimal impact on your trade), and have a mental Stop Loss which is not reflected in your trading charts lest your broker stop hunts it…….

Azu Shi says:

not saying i like the strategy but it was explained that it only meant no stop loss so you don't get stopped out early. in other words, setting a stop loss far away is the same as no stop loss.

Arturo Pena says:

it's a horrible method, you cannot anticipate what is happening. i tried it in the past, and its horrible

Denie erham says:

no stop loss is like driving a car with no brakes

Jocelyn Duquette says:

Thanks for posting such great vids ! I have a similar strategy that I would like to share ! 200 MA and 10 MA shifted +3. When above 200 MA, go long when candle closes above 10 MA and the opposite for shorts!

Brian Bossin says:

I don't know about no stops, but I like this as an entry signal.

Liz says:

what happens if you leave your trade to move down without stop loss, and just wait for it to go back up again?

Reinis Talla says:

No stop-loss is exactly like risking 100% of your capital on each trade. Strategy might be great, in exception of SL part.

Crypto Analyst says:

Essentially a trend following strategy with a little twist. I don't see anything interesting. Just finished a fast back-testing and is as expected, it works well in trends and then you will give back the money in the trend less market contritions.

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