My BIGGEST Reasons To Trade FOREX

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The list of reasons why I personally trade forex goes on and on. In this video, I share with you my top four (4) BIGGEST reasons why I’ve decided to trade FOREX.

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*Disclaimer: All information in this video is from my opinion and in no way am I an expert on trading forex. The information provided is based upon my personal experience and opinion and I encourage you to do your own research.

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Felix Uhegbu says:

I’m a financial analyst. Would want to network with you

Rick King says:

WHICH Forex Broker do you use ?

Antonio Glenn says:

That's so dope, acquiring new skills I love that as well! Very well put. I love the jokes in the beginning

Shakim Beck says:

I like your videos, im a beginner, you give me hope

Jkiller102792 says:

Are you a profitable or how is your process?

Shakim Beck says:

Freedom, Mental development, and I love a challenge

Yes Sir says:

I started trading to have freedom to do the things I always wanted to do traveling helping out my family n helping others find legal ways to make a difference in their lives and the lives of there love ones….. btw I’ve always talked about doing YouTube my students have always encouraged me to do it…. but because of you I’m actually going to start it

Junior Lewis says:

Powerful total agreement! !

Junior Lewis says:

Hello African princess. What lot size should I use if I'm trading a $1000 account?

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