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Rizky Erlangga says:

Thanks. Now i know why i keep hitting my SL

Annabel Harrison says:

Are trend lines enough for forex trading?

Diogo Marques says:

If you can't fight the big boy, join the big boy.

Dortch3 says:

Where are the trend lines…I see some horizontal S/R and perhaps a FT/FB pennant, but no trend lines…no 'ah-ha" moment. Now, with that being said, trendlines work and you can project them into the future, which really is an Ah Ha moment.

Charles Nelson says:

Funny thing about how your doing this if you should change from candlesticks to lines all those points you're ignoring will be there that you would plot on

prerit ransinge says:

i must say you are a pro dude it worked for me just after seeing this video. Profit was small but anyway i got the catch and will make it more great. Thank you so much!

Rock Emmanuel says:

I don't know the number of times you have spent acquiring this knowledge, but what I know is that since I have been searching the Internet just to get clues to my trading problem, I have never found a great analysis like the ones you do here. It may be difficult somehow at first, but it really work. To be factual, you are hero, an icon. Your analysis works for me like charm. Thanks a lot.

Trade Vision says:

Great video, just clear price moves shown with trendlines. That is really how the markets move and by learning to draw these lines myself I can get a more clear picture of where price is at to identify opportunities. Thanks a lot!

Bahamas Beaches says:

Thank You for sharing your knowledge.

Athaariq Ardiansyah says:

I prefer use Exponential Moving Average indicator

313 zak says:

watching your video, Thank you for the information. I am trying to get trend lines down

Francis Grins says:

Remember watching your videos year ago, then I stoped, no wonders why, you just make trading look more difficult than it is! Just selling the course 😀

Rosemarie Forrest says:

Navin please let me know how I can get your trainings. Thank you

Video GoodieGrabs says:

Impressive sir, you are perfect. actually is my first time. i subscribed already

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