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Update 13/2/2020 – Have something to say
I’m sorry if my forex indicator signal really failed to bring you any reference value!
My channel forex signals will live stream x 2 times per day, 24 hours non stop.
For previous live stream video can be used as a reference for research. You can use my forex signal to complement your own forex trading strategy to strengthen your trading strategy.

Free Forex Trading Signals Live Stream, Buy Sell Signals Live
Update 19/9/2019 – Free BIG DATA Live Forex Trading Signals, big data analysis forex market.
This live forex trading indicator signals is special custom by 1,029 forex indicators and generate real time 10,881 forex signals.

How to use(8/8/2019): This is very unique indicator signal, you only need to pay attention to the S.01(signal 1) and S.02(signal 2). When the signal index reaches 95~100%, that is the right time to enter the market, regardless of the current trend up or down. You can use this super indicator signal to decide whether or not to trade based on your personal trading strategy.

Notice(23/7/2019): My channel has been on for months! Live streaming forex trading signals have been around for some time! All so far, my channel only a few subscribers/followers. Perhaps my live forex trading signal failed to attract everyone’s attention, may not have any reference value for you! Without the motivation of followers, this channel grows very slowly! Without more new subscribers, the channel may soon be shut down! For the existing subscribers, thank you very much for your attention and support! Wish you all success in the foreign exchange market.

New Custom Forex Signals Indicators Update on 19/07/2019, [279 in 1 Indicator, simultaneously by 279 indicators and generate a signal] Technical Analysis 30 Currency Pair at same time live, Note that the signal section! When the signal is reach 95%~100%, that is the entry signal, you can decision BUY/SELL.
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(which has been broadcast live before, can be found on my channel)

Forex Trading Signals – Live Stream for FREE, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum & Litecoin, Unique Integrate Top 22 Indicators in 1 Powerful Indicators(22 in 1)
Live Forex Indicators Signals – MetaTrader 4 / MetaTrader 5 (MT4/MT5) Forex Trading Platform – Monday to Friday, New York Market Open, Live Stream on 7:50 a.m. or Anytime 🙂
Saturday to Sunday for Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency…

*I’ve been using this signals for four years, profit are still growing. Welcome refer to it.
You won’t find this unique forex signal indicator in the market, which combines the 22 strongest market analysis indicators into a single super indicator.

User Guide:

Triangle Direction = Current Trend
GREEN = Up Trend
RED = Down Trend
WHITE GREEN = Up Trend with Resistance
WHITE RED = Down Trend with Support
GREEN (0 or 100) = Overbought
RED (0 or 100) = Oversold

M1,M5,15,M30,H1,H4,D1 = Timeframes
All (0 or 100) = Signals for BUY or SELL

*Attention D1 & All, you decide whether to BUY or SELL
**Focus, comprehend it and make profits easy.

*This forex trading signals, bitcoin and cryptocurrency signals is for forex traders/bitcoin traders reference or educational purpose. It is not an investment recommendation for your.
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