Interview with a Forex Trader! Part 1 😎

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Mark interviews Peter, a forex trader. Peter has been trading forex for a while and will expand on his background and how he got into trading. I first started trading in my early 20’s and it was stocks but at that time there was no internet so I would call my stock broker to buy the stocks. Then, I had to stop for a while but a few years ago I got back into trading but this time I chose currencies. The due diligence and looking at each currency was easier than filtering thru the stocks. I got into technical analysis and chart patterns, I don’t really use indicators though.

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Umer K says:

HI Mark/Peter. 3 minutes into this first part interview , I am truly inspired, and my life=long passion for trading on Stock Market, has reignited. I am actively learning as much as humanly possible first and then give trading Forex,/Stock/Etfs a try. I don't have a single specific trade that i like to try but watching the rest of the interview, will certainly help me make that decision. Success to you and the fans.

MatDerKater says: eh wot!? Patterns alone will surely get you killed. 'They' are engineering these patterns into the market all the time just in order to suck retail in, chew em up, and stop them out. If you take into account indicators signals, across multiple time frames however, you can start to see if there is any integrity in the market, that lies behind the chart pattern, or not……

Felipe Fajoli Gomes says:

Very good! I like this video, good talk, very usefull.

j bridges says:

Interviews are better than educational vvvideos

Cynthia Okoye says:

Hi guys, please what is the best-licensed forex trading company I can use their platform to start trading. I have been a victim of many unlicensed companies who has defrauded me of my money. Your help is highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Dumile Ndlovu says:

Hey man …this is great stuff. One request that helps put everything into context. Could you or with your guests talk a little bit about who/where they are from a “success as a trader” perspective. In other words why is it that you have decided they are worth having a chat with…Success is relative, yes. But it’s still a talking point. Thank you

Kent Lindsey says:

Thank you! This was very interesting.

Wes Goodman says:

More Interviews! I like how honest he was admitting he is still working on trading better.

Tiffany says:

This is awesome stuff thank you mark

Have A Great Day says:

Lol, can someone get me on track. I am just trying to start in forex.

Harvey Gordon says:

I am in a boredom trade right now and trying to decide if I should close with a lose so I can go to bed.. 🙂

johnathan wetherill says:

Out of interest . How good of a trader is this guy . Is it what he does for a living ?

fbnc11 says:

That was Great! I remember having to call the broker……$75.00 round trip on the commodities market!

Invisible Hand says:

I'll watch the next video, but I am sure this guy has no idea how to trade. He is all over the place.

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