Incredible High Profitable Price Action Strategy || Forex Professional Trading || Trade Like a Pro

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Incredible High Profitable Price Action Strategy || Forex Professional Trading || Trade Like a Pro

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Stonewell Forever says:

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Muhammad Nasrullah says:

Very good sir

TheWelmart says:

great video Sir!!! It's price action live….the best I have seem……congratulations….hugs from Brazil!!!!

sahil khatri says:

How ur all trades make positive it can happen?m

Elpaso Foba says:

Sir I have a question, in order to take a trade does a candle have to break trendline and RETEST the trendline or zone or I can even take that trade if it only got a REJECTION on trendline or zone WITHOUT RETEST??

Blinder Lane says:

Hi forex visit..may i know how you set your backtest strategy. can you please make a video on setting mt5 backtesting

Martin Oliveira says:

Man ever seen nothing like this … got to try this seriously , only problem 4h and 1 hour is too long but this stratégie very promising

Unmask tutorials says:

Sir please can u make a video explaining the pinball candle

Unmask tutorials says:

How much for paid signal sir?

TSS _SL4DE says:

Good vid ever

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