How To Trade The London Breakout Forex Trading Strategy 👍

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London Breakout Forex Trading Strategy. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE. How To Trade The London Breakout Forex Trading Strategy. This strategy is to be used on the GBP/USD currency pair only and here we have a 60 minute chart of this forex pair. At 8 o’clock in the morning everything kicks off in London – FTSE opens, and trading in currencies increases. The idea is that we’re expecting the money flowing in into the pound or out of the pound into the dollar and we’re expecting that to continue for the next 1 to 3 hours. So we’re looking for riding on this money flow and trying to ride on this money flow as far as we can – until either the momentum dies out or the Dow session opens. We are waiting for the breakout and then getting involved in it. You are really waiting for the big swinger on this one – yes you will hit small signals but occasionally you will get a monstrous day in your direction many multiples of your risk.


linda soper says:

This was a great Video I will try this out

Ariadna Cebrian says:

most like traders lose in some level, and mostly the first time always brings lost but some are lucky to have a good manager to help them out.

Martin Stone says:

Hi, I am in the uk and wondered how the clocks changing in the uk affects the markets. Do we get both the uk and Asian sessions align or does it turn Into a 2 hour overlap. Thanks

BrotherTree1 says:

This sounds like a killer strategy. There's not much else to improve it further apart from using a couple of indicators to checklist some extra criteria for confirmation of increased chances of a successful entry. And if they don't all meet the criteria, you can choose to stay out of the trade to avoid any excess losing trades to optimise your equity curve on this strategy.

Nemz Lord says:

The question is, how profitable is this strategy and what is the win rate?

toresssssssssssss9 says:

Can this be used for GBPJPY and other GBP pairs? or just GU?

Ricco Strong says:

A fake out or a "bad day" will wipe your three day profit. Not worth

miguel valentin says:

That was the last piece missing of my trading rules. I already have my exit rules figured out but my entry strategy sucked big time. I like your entry strategy because after some research I figured this entry rule, combined with my exit strategy, should make me tons of pips going forward. I will start using this new hollistic approach (your entry + my exit rules) next week. I'll keep you posted. Many thanks!

Happy Life says:

Flop strategy sir

Zaffar Khan says:

Thanks… Great video, well explained!

Thomas Immler says:

cool interessant

EcheChanga says:

Great simple video this is what I needed. Also thanks for the quick throw in of which type of indication i should be using in tandem. Excellent work thanks.

Rohan Kruger says:

Hi! My roommate and I have started experimenting with this strategy and what we find is that if we use a pending order on either side it works. However, one sided pending order will go through and now hit our TP but the market will reverse immediately. Thoughts on combatting this?

KangoKid Kidd says:

More of this THIS PLEASE

Guzeebo says:

I use a target of 1.5 ATR as a rough profit target.

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