How to Trade Summer Markets: Tips For Trading Forex, Stocks 🌞

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Trading in the Summer – Tips for Trading Forex, Stocks, Indices in the Summer Season. How do you trade when the markets slow down? Should you take a break from trading in the summer? Should you really sell in May and go away?

Summer Forex/Stocks Trading Tips

How to trade summer markets. As I’m filming we are coming to the summer period. Generally summer is when things are the most quiet (low volumes being traded). Most of the people who are moving money around are on holiday during this period enjoying family game. Not everyone will be off but the key managers will likely be on holiday. The telltale signs of a quiet period are reduced ranges on the markets you’re trading. This is also a good time for you to take some time off from execution. Spend the time reviewing some of your trades or reading a trading book.

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S G says:

After logging my trades & keeping a detail Journal I noticed exactly what you’re saying! My setups started to struggle durning the beginning of August. I also noticed forex factory shows less red folders at the moment. THANKS for the information sir!..

David SKerritt says:

I scalp year round but it especially makes sense during the summer "doldrums". Add contracts and take your high probability 4-8 tick scalps. Keep the money flowing. If you want to swing, get back to focusing on that when volatility picks back up which is normally around mid September.

Brian Gosper says:

Absolutely agree!! You can see the result of low trading volumes ans liquidity. Cannot not sustain any impulsive moves for very long.

Hank Lee says:

Any advice on "how to stop calling tops & bottoms and fakeouts?". I think Im keep trying to be contrarian and keep look for reasons to counter trend trade.
I have only been making little money by scalping little moves but never made money on trends… I am keep thinking "this time it will be different and bull flag will break downward this time"

For years, I see a trend breakout starting, but I don't join the trend because many initial breakout looks like a fakeout after a long consolidation. I also see a long lasting bull trend and dont hop on the trend because I think it is "over extended" and look for short opportunities.

John Gant says:

I can't believe there are so many penny stocks trading I've seen 700% with an ask and bid . I'm up 37% today I have been studying for the last 4 months it paid off today .

Startrader Paulus says:

How do you prepare to trade cool down after trading?

s977382 says:

Thank you for the much needed reminder.

lunarblues says:

Good advice for traditional markets. Crypto trading is perpetual and is a different animal but does follow this trend but just not as rigid. Great Vid

Peter Jones says:

awesome video

steven barratt says:

Subscribed! Great video!

dcbrit2003 says:

I do not believe this summer will be quiet…lat summer wasn't either

Mark Miller says:

Any FX pairs that aren't affected by summer hols? Or is it pretty much a global downturn?

Andrew Ellis says:

Is the playboy for when you need to take your mind off trading ?

Zeib says:

Thank u a lot!

vipinkumar s says:

Nice video with experience keep going mate

CoNr4D says:

Scalping time!!! :)))

honestbob45 says:

I'm working hard to afford a villa by the Italian lakes, spend the summer there and trade lightly but mostly chill!.

Как реально зарбатывать 3000 в день через интернет? says:

Доcтупно и oчень понятно,, интepecнo и весьмa познaватeльнo.. Хoрoшee видеo получилось!

Adi tironci says:

Generally speaking..
good week bro.

lokone303 says:

backtesting to improve my algo 😛

Wodzu says:

I was eyeballing the daily GBPUSD in 2017, 2019 and it doesn,t really look like this or am i missing sth?

Peezebeuponyou says:

What would you consider the "summer period"? Mid-July to end of August?

jonny 123 says:

Great advice as always.

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