How To Trade My Best Moving Average Cross Forex Strategy + AUDJPY, S&P, Dow, AMD, AUDCHF, & GBPJPY

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How To Trade My Best Moving Average Cross Forex Strategy + AUDJPY, S&P, Dow, AMD, AUDCHF, & GBPJPY

You guys earned it! Today you get my new strategy. Plus I’ll show you a live trade that could trigger in the next day or so.

Plus updates on our awesome open positions: S&P 500 (ES1), American Micro Devices (AMD), Dow Jones (YM1), Kohl’s Corporation (KSS), Cinemark Holdings (CNK), AUDCHF, & GBPJPY

Plus today’s Trading Maxim!

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Erik Poulsen says:

Thanks for the video and the input to new trades and the brush up on money management

SAM MAH says:

It looks simple and profitable as well, as a mentor to me, if I am going to apply it on 1-hour time frame, shall I use atr value of 1 hour or daily one for setting up tp and sl, please advise. also, from your point of view and experience which are the successful pairs for this strategy and is it working with high volatility pairs such as pounds pairs and gold, thank you for your effort and my best regards.

Sandy Bali says:

You are a nice guy man may your good karma pay off

Don Johnson says:

Here is the Tim's MA Cross Strategy on the USDJPY 15m start of New Day Asian Session –

Nyandae Jackson says:

Top quality content. Thank you for sharing

Ray Clemens says:

Just great video> as always Thanks again Tim. I will try it on the Daily and let you know how I do with it. Once again Thank you.

Chris Brock says:

Pretty cool… Have you thought about the 3sma of lows for Shorts/3sma of Highs for longs on extended trends/exits?

D.Ali says:

Thanks very much once again Tim. Great video with the strategy, and I really enjoyed the trading maxim especially the bits you kindly shared about your own trading career.

beetle5230 says:

Nice video. Very helpfull. Thanks

Karen wayne says:

great video this is a good strategy but I invest weekly with Mrs. Kimberly Hutchinson , and I don't even get the slightest hiccups. her strategy is fail proof and the payouts are huge. approximately 4,000$ weekly in my case depending on how much you are willing to invest you can contact her via her mail kimberlyhut2@gmailcom

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