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In this video, we go over a recent GBPUSD trade I took yesterday/this morning…

Price held for an entire day, then finally released once EUR/UK news hit! So this is just a day in the life video from early morning when I wake up until the trade actually executed.

I usually take my trades off the daily + weekly charts and then continue my day which you see in this video. So I just analyzed my trade for you. Usually I trade naked, without trendlines mostly. All i did was use the higher time frames to find out general direction of the market… Intially I traded a 3.00 lot and went -20 pips so $-600 …. was able to get back in the same trade… another 3.00 lot sell off the 5 minute chart in the morning 💰💰💰

I also added what I do during the day because no seriously… who the fuck wants to watch charts and shit all day 😂😂😂

Let your money work for you and go live life…. hope you all appreciate the video 😀


Melissa Mordaunt says:

Yo i noticed the jumpers you both were wearin lol very fitting for go kart racing.

Melissa Mordaunt says:

Kick his butt Nee Nee

Melissa Mordaunt says:

You gonna have to come to oz land to do some giveaways lol id love to race go karts or play air soft with you guys.

Lmolz989 says:

I live in the UK don't think ill be able to meet you any time soon haha

Eddy Cervantea says:

hell yeah man love the honesty in the videos, playing some games kickin back its the shiiit. Yo appreciate you i love these videos keeps me motivated keep uploading when ya can homie thanks!! gang

geno166 says:

hey bro i trade forex , i want to start with stocks . my question is , is trading stocks done by using the same strategies in forex such as divergence and support and resistance I'd appreciate it thanks

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