How to find a Forex Strategy that Works 🤔

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How to find a Forex Strategy that Works. PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! There is no simple answer to this; I wish I could say to you, go here, do this and you have a forex strategy that works. It doesn’t work like that. But here are some good tips on how you could potentially find a good strategy that works. Start out with a path of investigation. Narrow your search down by currency pair, style of trading and timeframe. Do you want to trade as an investor, day trader, scalper, swing trader? A scalper’s strategy is going to be very different when compared to a swing trader or day trader. You’re going to have trend trading strategies, mean reversion trading strategies, news driven strategies..etc Pick one that is right for you.

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Deevog says:

In forex you can earn staying on same pair in same direction with lowest leverage, changing tracks send you nowhere

alan abertawe says:

great Advice!

Scott Edwards says:

Great video, thanks!

game palace palace says:

Strategy in forrex is everything, the only career that is around the word strategy, @mark do big players have a strategy? They can move any pair with so much power, do they need a strategy even when they are in control?

Seb says:

Excellent, and many traders say they know that they must focus on specific TF, style, etc. but don't REALIZE it. In fact it was my case, I began with a strategy that I thought was the best, took 4 trades, lost money, searched for another etc until I came back to my first strategy and won many trades because I had the right state of mind and completed the circle. I then realized it was ridiculous! If you, trader who is reading this, could realize it without losing too much money, it would be awesome, and I hope you'll be profitable soon!! (stay confident it takes time but is so worth it)

R H says:

If you can't explain your system in one sentence, or explain it to your grandmother, it's too complicated.

Alan S says:

Great video

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