How to Compete with Big Banks as a Forex Trader? 🤔

How can I compete with big banks as a forex trader? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Can you really compete with banking institutions in forex trading? You cannot really compete with them under certain circumstances; they are massive and have massive capital and resources. So how do you go about it? Where is the edge as a small retail trader? This comes to knowing when to pick your spots?

What is your edge? You could be good at spotting when traders are being trapped in a trade and a reversal may happen – a lot of traders were caught in the carry trade for instance. For a short-term perspective there are fake-outs – instead of being sucked into them you fade those – you sell into liquidity that pushes into highs. You know that banks are probing these levels… Perhaps your edge is trading immediately after news because banks can’t immediately get involved since liquidity is low. It is not just about saying that you’re good at reading charts. Banks and institutions are forced to deal most of the times but we don’t so we can wait for the right opportunities. Don’t bother listening to analysts and don’t be arrogant!

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