How Long Should You Hold Forex Day Trades? 🏃

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● How Long Should You Hold Forex Day Trades?
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How long should you hold onto your daytrades for? Should you hold a day trading position overnight? How long should you hold a position

How Long to Hold on to Forex Trades in Day Trading Positions

How long does a short term trade last in forex? This is very subjective. You might have a plan where you want to hold the currency pair for 20 pips or say, 50 pips or even for multiple days. Here’s a quick tip for day traders. Say you are long – analyse what has been happening today including the highs and pullbacks and see if there are common themes. Don’t try to force what you want on the market conditions.

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Io says:

Trailing stop is the answer


This Man is a great teacher.
A lot of other people talk rubbish

AX XA says:

Great videos

Kensho Mo says:

This is fantastic. Recently I was looking to investigate something like this

Jakub Valenta says:

Why is everyone so keen to day trade currencies, I have no idea.

Adi tironci says:

Thanks Mark.
trading with money is the most hard work on the world.
and its always a learning process,never its the same.
Anyone that its here,youll anderstand when its time to start trading,when its time that you have learned,,
And its time to make profits. ((firs off all its the losing, hard times.))
take care bro.

KillaKam922 says:

Great video. I see your lookin even more lean and healthy. Keep doing what your doing!

ma.theresa sarmiento says:

Targets are very relative to market conditions, strategy and order of magnitude of the price action. In a trending day for example, a trader may opt to scale in and out of a position (w/ trailing stops to manage the risk )until price action reaches exhaustion or it could also be a single trade entered and exited at a predetermined key levels. Because of the speed and sensitivity of the FX market, as a matter of personal preference, I just love looking into the MFE/MAE (Maximum Favorable Excursion/Maximum Adverse Excursion) of each strategy inside a 24-hour trade duration only.

Yajirobi17 says:

I have now 2 trades open since 1 month

Patrick W says:

HELP, HELP, HELP! My trades go against me straight away, and then I keep exiting my trades at break even. Straight after that they turn to profit …. aaaagghhhh. I keep doing this 🙂

Dann says:

Can we get an crude oil trading series please Mark???

Samuel Tsrah says:

Thanks alot

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