How I flipped my account from $350 to $26,000 in forex trading

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My forex story on back in February 2017 trading USD/JPY and flipping my live account in Tradersway to $26,000 account and then having to lost it all the next day.

Tradersway offers 1:1000 leverage

payment method I use now is Upaycard is legit with them


Telegram me @kouleefx


listeners1 says:

the whole atmosphere is adorable because of your child's innocent voice..thanks..that's make my day

Batt Dogan says:

What kind of trading is this? Making 2k out of 2 dollars? What is this thing called, I started about a week ago and been trading nadex which lost 350 dolars

Batt Dogan says:

With tradersway you said if you put 500 and grew that account to 20k they don't let you take that profit? or just the initial 500 dollars

Rahul Tekam says:

Dear please tell you broker name

Bryce Arnold says:

Hey man, glad I stumbled on your video. I started trading with about $264 in my trading account and built it up to around $15k before getting too aggressive and lost over $12k in a day. That was a humbling experience. But like you, I hung in there, educated myself and learned, most importantly, to CONTROL my emotions. You need to be so stone cold about your trades. I'm glad you're a success story, there are not so many who come back after trading knocks them down.

Jane Mayfield says:

What an Awesome story!

universeisunique says:

sound liked you learned from LOF

G. Barrientes says:

Who on here found the Fib Fusion Strategy and has been using it to earn profitably?

LastTrend Standning says:

What app/broker is this?

Frederick Freesia says:

I also experienced the same thing. When you make money and wish to withdraw it they don't wanna give it back to you. What is troubling about this, it's the fact this is your money. You made this money by risking your capital. Nevertheless we keep hustling and learning.

Dende Sol47 says:

Same method would work right now

Eze Reyes says:

Hi kou I’m looking for a reliable place to learn how to trade with forex. Would you be able to suggest any mentor ship programs or just anywhere I can learn the correct way?

Stephen H says:

ur wild man lol

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