FREE Online Forex Trading Course for Beginners

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This is a free forex trading course for beginners to get familiar with forex trading as a business and career.

I hope that you will benefit from this free online forex course that i’ve crafted for you.

A lot of forex courses out there are not free so i suggest you make the most out of this.



The campaign is available for ALL COUNTRIES except for Europian Union,
USA (& US dependants i.e. US Virgin Island/Minor outlying Islands),
Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Mauritius, Israel,
Turkey, India, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cuba,
Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Laos, North Korea, Guyana,
Vanuatu, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Macao, Kenya


Advice provided in this course is mere recommendation and I will not be responsible for any losses incurred from your investments or trading activities. Investing and trading is a high risk activity and should be approached with caution. I am not a certified financial advisor. Hence, it is important for you to seek a certified financial advisor to craft your portfolio.


Singapore youtuber profile:

Karen is Singapore Forex trader, Singapore motivational speaker, Singapore youtuber, Singapore vlogger , author and was ranked #1 in a Singapore nationwide Forex trading contest.

This trader vlog showcases the trading lifestyle and entrepreneurship life, plus weekly motivation for those that are not traders.

It’s also a Singapore vlog where most of the shots are done in Singapore. She will also be bringing you around the island to explore Singapore.

Karen is a motivational speaker based in Singapore and Malaysia and delivers talks that touches the heart of her audience members.

She is a motivational speaker that is well sought after by many schools and event planners as she is known for solving several teenage problems as she has experienced many setbacks as a teenager back then.




Karen Foo says:

Hope you will like this free course that me and my UK team have worked together for you. Registration link in description. Only available for certain countries. Read the description for more details.

Shau Wei says:

How to watch lesson 2? I have already open real account and fully verified?

Rashidul Islam says:

There is no restrictions for Bangladesh.. But i can not sign up.

eternalreflection says:

The production is very cool in your videos lately.

teachmehowtodoge says:

I have a tip for you guys, go to any country not in the exception list, sign up, then go back to your home country. Problem solve. Lol. 🙂

teachmehowtodoge says:

Except US.. aww.. 🙁 anyway, good job with the teaser video, that's a high quality stuff. I hope they will take advantage of your free course. The best things in life are free.

More power! 🙂

Ted Feather says:

I wish it wasn't restricted to the USA. I would love to learn from you.

fashion nova says:

why it is not available to Pakistan

Nitin Kumar Gharami says:

Why it's not available in india

Sandeep Kumar says:

Good sister but why not available for india

Jose Vidbaz says:

For a moment I thought it was another sarcastic video, but nope, it's a real one! Signing up right now, thanks Karen!

Edwin Ng says:

I’m from Singapore but I got the restricted access page. Pls help

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