Forex Trading Success: Trading Multiple Strategies to Improve Results?

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David Gonzalez Salsero says:

Gracias Nick, good video as always.

M Power says:

Great topic and well explained! To me, it depends how systematic a trader you are. The point of having a portfolio of strategies is that you admit that you cant really know when the market will start or stop trending/ranging. Having a mix of positive expectency mean reversing and trend following strategies will ensure a way smoother equity curve then using just one strat. It is basically modern ptf theory using strategies instead of securities. If you are a quant type this is the way to go. However, if you use discretion in your trading, you are increasing the chance of making mistakes.

lps warrior fan 186 says:

Trading multiple strategies to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each one is fine. In fact it can be a good idea. HOWEVER, it must be done in separate accounts to properly track the results of each one independently. Differing your approach based on market conditions should fall under a single system in my opinion.

Mathew Tabiri says:

Thanks for answering a question that has been boggling my mind for some time.

Rick Lokers says:

Don't you feel bad "teaching" people technical analysis bullshit (hint; it doesn't work) for youtube views?

Anslem Brathwaite says:

Great video as usual nick thanks

Jameel Hadi says:

Great man

Nick how much should be in account when use your robot?

haseeb9090 says:

You have got to be the best person I've found on this topic on YouTube. Thanks a lot for making these videos!

Can you please explain how the reversal strategies work?


Tokofora says:

Hi all, What is your best strategy?

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