Forex Trading | Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use Signals!

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In this weeks YouTube episode Mark discusses one of the most common topics and frequently asked questions in Forex; signal services, and how they are holding you back from becoming successful in trading.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode and a quick reminder that throughout December we will be doing two uploads per week on a Tuesday and Friday at 7PM GMT.

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Steve Jackaman says:

I've used many signals providers over the years, we will never learn from them like you say, also most start off well them turn bad.

ajhill32 says:

I’ve joined 2 free signal chats and 1 paid signal chat. I tested the free chats on my demo account for 1 month and saw great results, which gave me confidence to switch to my live account. The paid signal service has allowed me to double my account in 2 months. I am learning how to be independent while receiving signals, and the goal is to be completely independent in 3 months!

NOL1FEK1NG says:

I have in my first few years.

Ak Go says:

Short answer: signal is a no no

I_am_Megatron says:

Great advise

TradeForLiving says:

Early stage i joined 2 signal services and the 2 services went draw down and they told me the same thing… "so far this year the first drawdown happened this is the part of business"… then i realized this is not my cup of team… never look around… just build you are own strategy(shoul have edge over the marcket for long run) … and stick to your plan for long run that is going to be the real holygrail….

Matteo says:

Great video Mark I'm following your advice and your view on trading is really impressive, simple but really effective, I will probably invest in your course in the coming weeks! Keep it up!

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