Forex Trader Interview: Charts Setup and Managing Stops ☝

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What charting package do you use and how do you have your charts setup? My charts are fairly simple; there’s not much on them. I use support and resistance levels. Overtrading is common because you can always find a thesis to open a position if you look hard enough. As for me I wait for pullbacks to move my stop. It is all about focus and keeping things simple.

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James Brewer says:

These interviews are amazingly candid and extremely useful. Marks Interviewing style is fantastically engaging – the questions are detailed and it's great the way he re-caps what the interviewee has said in his own words to reinforce or clarify what has been said. This and all the other interviews are a much needed dose of Reality ! Unbiased invaluable education which does exactly what it says on the tin !

Seafox0011 says:

Getting the wheat from the chaff. Good discussion.

TehBr0 says:

Excellent guest, great insights.

s977382 says:

This a great interview. Thank you both!

Kevin Zhou says:

You forgot to ask him what kind of car he drives…

Onebunne Emmanuel says:

I have been trading for some couple of months, and I can literally relate to whatever he said…. thank very much

Harvey Gordon says:

Once again, the best channel on trading on the internet. -Best, -hg

Shane Hummus - The Success GPS says:

Great interview and new insights to add to everyone's trading plan.

richard wharton says:

I’ve really enjoyed this interview etc. I’d have loved it if you could have released the entire interview as a long player.

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