Forex Indicators – By Far, The Best Way To Trade

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This is the only channel which truly covers trading with Forex indicators. I feel bad for those who have never tried to go this route, or have only tested some of the really bad ones and then stopped. Big mistake. These are the things you must know and understand if you really want to take part in all off the crazy wonderful advantages trading with Forex indicators gives you.

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Kirsten de Leeuw says:

Well done! I've done exactly as you indicated in your video and have been stripping and tweaking every single indicator in my mobile and PC and some are only running on one leg, but they are cash cows and I love to trade using them as combination! Trading Forex, Indices, Volatility are a no brainer with these and has taken me from zero to 100 miles per minute! Christmas Greetings and a prosperous 2020 to you and your family! PS: I just hate Fibonacci and a few others, but thank goodness I don't need them!

Shed says:

Adding another entry to let you know I enjoy the FULL video.

Mahad B says:

Does anyone know any good websites for mt4 trend indicators?

Victor Jacobs says:

Thanks for another awesome vid VP lol instant gratification people should remember this isn't a get rich quick scheme they shouldn't even be here in the first place .

Shed says:

VP, you are astounding! Thank you is never enough. Taking the time to learn this amazing process has been t h e best. You do have the best voice, with stellar information to boot.
Btw, man, you take your time to express that which you do. I'm patient.

Mpho Shimane says:

Thank you vp

Voz Shmily says:

I don't know but I never get bored on you 🙂 you got a magic touch when talking…Thanks!! Happy Holidays!

Solar G says:

One minute you say indicators are shit in dirty dozens, next minute they good. You trying to fuck with my emotions bro

Augustine Trading says:

Yeah VP, what a general revisional gift for Christmas !!! And the meat in it is the psychology in it. It may not seem obvious but to me it is clear. This is going to be one of the videos I'll visit over and again even though it's long. There's meat in it (not the poisonous meat we eat but very healthy meat). The other ones are the Big Banks video, the Trade Continuation video, and the Volume indicator videos. Of course I've written notes on the rest and I read them but these particular ones mentioned for me will keep on whipping me back in line whenever there's distraction. Indeed with indies,no guess work. Indies may lag a little but it's better to delay and be right most of the time than jump into trades that reverses,take you out then go the way you predicted which is the main short coming with price action.

WATCH D2 says:

Hey VP what's ur thought on binary trading and have u ever made investment in binary trading? Pls answer podcasts

Digara Rheumo says:

Thanks sir
You are the most honest person in forex trading

Muhammad Yousaf says:

thanks VP for this knowledge

Thought Drifter says:

VP for the win! Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend. You deserve a boat load of good for what you provide. May this season bless you and get you ready for a phenomenal 2020. Crush pips!

Johny Ahasan says:

Great Video VP!!

Hassan Taiwo says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

RichardR says:

I am still here. I learned price action but still came back. I use it to my advantage now (combine), but indicators are yet so sweet that I can't leave them! 😀

manifold d says:

get rid of the lazy people!

Prithvi Rathour says:

niceeeeeee bro…

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