Black Box Algorithm Builder and Trading Bot for Forex and Cryptocurrency is now available for Android on Google Play. Details, configurations, and further instructions will be posted here as the project evolves.

If you’d like to buy this entire project and source code to publish for yourself, email me at

Get the early access BETA test FOR FREE here:

To load the live testing configs, paste BOTH of these 2 links into the corresponding input fields in the “LOAD” configuration menu and press “UPDATE CONFIGURATION”, then press “APPLY”.

Configuration Setup Tutorial


IMPORTANT: Updating configurations will overwrite any stored configurations that you currently have, but support for multiple configurations is definitely coming soon. Make sure to back up BOTH xml files before updating, or you will lose what you currently have.

This is still in an early testing phase and has a pretty basic UI at this point, keep that in mind. There is one rewarded video ad when you start a new scan, but your scan will run continuously after that. I know that there are some issues to fix, that’s the point of releasing to BETA testers who understand trading. I’m trying to put together an instructional video now, but I’ll be doing live configuration demos on stream so stay tuned. I’m going to make this as easy as possible to use and understand, it’s just going to be a process so bear with me.


Black Box Algorithm Builder is an extremely powerful Cryptocurrency and Forex trading tool that puts top level algorithmic analysis in the palm of your hand and can search through hundreds of charts at once for a very specific trade setup so you don’t have to. By combining the power of TA-LIB and Unity, you get a robust technical analysis code library merged with a simple and easy to use modular graphical user interface. This trading companion tool is like a TA “sandbox” that allows you to easily and accurately configure incredibly precise trading strategy rules based on multiple time frames and an infinite number of nested conditions using multi-factor oscillator signature analysis, price action, and candlestick pattern recognition. No account creation, API keys or special permissions required. This is specifically designed to be a safe and secure standalone tool for you to use with privacy in mind and works perfectly over a vpn. On top of that, it’s also a lot of fun to play with and is an absolute must have game changer for trend trading, inverse correlation, and mean reversion strategies. This can EASILY make the difference between being profitable and not profitable and can be incredibly effective at keeping you out of bad trade entries as long as you follow your strategy rules.


*** No API keys, special app permissions, personal info, account creation, or registration of any kind ***

*** Compatible with Cryptocurrency, Forex, and Commodities through the included Binance and Oanda API’s ***

*** Scan all asset pairs per broker/exchange simultaneously ***

*** Filter crypto pairs by 24 hour trading volume ***

*** Infinite combinations of time frame, indicator and candlestick patterns ***

*** Multiple factors per indicator including level, trend, cross, slope, and ratio ***

*** Lookback window to see if matched within a given number of bars for confluence ***

*** Include and exclude matched factors (Detect if something has NOT happened) ***

How it works:

First you choose a broker/exchange to scan, then you select all or some of the available assets to scan against your configured algorithms. Each algorithm is made up of individual components comprised of specific conditions which must all be met simultaneously in order to get a positive algorithmic match. Component matches may be either inclusionary or exclusionary, and may also be matched within a lookback window to detect multiple factor confluence within a given time frame. This is very powerful stuff. There is also the ability to both save and load configurations in XML format, so sharing trading strategies with other users is very simple. No files involved, just paste plain text.


Live margin trading #Bitcoin and #Forex. Nothing you see here is financial advice and is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


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