Every Forex Trader Needs to Follow This Advice – HTF Order Flow Strategy

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In this video, I will explain how HTFs are an indispensable tool for building an unstoppable trading strategy.

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RomarioNC says:

h4 htf to entry 15m and 15 how htf to entry in m1 …. if h4 and m15 are in same trend and show a entry in m1 OMG is this awesome.

edgar sanchez says:

Nice vid bro! Thank you so much . Keep Going

Dilshan live says:

Very helping …can you trade live on youtube so we can observed … please one day

fakekism real says:

Hey bro wanna ask if i will mark poi on 4 hour and when price comes their wait for choch bos in 15 min and than trade in 1 min confirmation entry will it work only these three tf 4 hr 15 min 1 min ignoring 1 hour tf will be ok ??? If not why please bro explain

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