Earn 30 Pips a Day Using My Forex Swing Trading Strategy

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► Welcome back everyone!
The MFX Gold Bot is finally released, it preforms at an 84% win rate
using my Gold Optimized strategy. If you would like to know how to setup configurations in my bot. Head over to my Bot Setup videos. Everything will be explained there!! If you have any question contact me.

►Get MFX Scalping Bot Here(Xau/Usd & Eur/Usd)

•Part 1 – https://t.me/MalMFXbot​
•Part 2 -​ https://telegramtrader.uk/shop.html​ (connector)

►Low Spread Broker(Best for Bot)
• https://bit.ly/3etUrWH​

• Instagram ➔ Supreme_mal
• Discord ➔ MalFx# 7740
• Email ➔ Malb247@gmail.com

• https://bit.ly/3n5mIpK​

► 85% EUR/USD TRADING BOT(Doubled my Account)
• https://youtu.be/eDmOc8m3naU​

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