Doji Candlestick Forex Strategy: 4 Hour Doji Signal 🤔

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DOJI Candlestick Pattern on a 4 hour Timeframe. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! The idea of the DOJI is that it represents indecision. Let’s look at the 4 hour DOJI signal.

Doji Candlestick Pattern – How to Trade Doji Candlesticks

A 4 hour is a relatively big chunk of the trading day and the thing here is that if you have a time period in the day where the 4 hour is in a relatively narrow range and then it subsequently you break out of that range with some force – sometimes it can be an interesting signal. The subsequent breakout if aggressive can lead to interesting opportunities. Very often it turns at the Doji or it pauses and it pauses and resumes at the Doji. So what does this mean for us traders? It means it is worth looking at that Doji. Once we’ve had a big move and then we get a Doji – i’m going to trade in the direction of the break of the 4 hour Doji. I think this needs refining though.


Chris Duet says:

Hi awesome video. Today after the market I looked over some charts for the 4 hr doji and was noticing the same behaviors you mentioned so I googled to see if I could get more input about it and sure enough a reputable trader as yourself makes the perfect video. Steve Bigalow also has some great Doji content. What would you recommend me setting my volume at for small caps lower float scans for the doji 4 hr? Typically I hear 200k or even 800k but curious if you had any advice? Thanks for the great content truly you have educated me personally with many of your videos I’ve watched.

Sohail Rafiq says:

Doji is a high probability of a reversal and best way to analyze a chart is to look at the past price behavior. As we can see any major movement started with a Doji. 4 hour analysis and 2 hour analysis are the best way bc it cancel out the noise created in shorter time frames.

colin Miley says:

Check for a double doji at HHs HLs LLs and LHs

iffah islam says:

Doji at rsi levels with my experience are what i use for reversals, ofcourse after the last push of the previous trend is complete, its key price action that acts as market sentiment, literally everyone is questioning its value in context

Dana Turner says:

Good info, thanks!

Juvenal Machado says:

taking a look right now at 4h EURUSD, we can see clear signs of what youve mentioned in the video. Everytime a doji appears there at least a small change of direction (august 28 @ 9:00, august 29 @17:00)

richard wharton says:

Use heiken ashi candles & slow stock (14/7) + a 14 ema.

fender bender says:

What about only taking doji break outs in the direction of a good strong daily or longer trend.

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