Do Not Trade Forex or Bitcoin Until You Master This Formula

Do Not Trade Until You Learn This Formula
The formula, while being simple, is so often overlooked that many traders often run the risk of ruin by not understanding it completely.

In this video, I break it down and go into detail on how to use it simply and effectively for your trading needs.

0:43 Leave a Comment + Like The Video To Be Entered Into Trading Foundation Masterclass course giveaway.
1:05 Last video’s youtube prediction to buy at $7350/$7400 for a run at $8,000.
1:30 Bitcoin overview
1:49 Classic Bear Flag
2:07 Why not reaching the top of the channel and underperforming the inverse head and shoulders are bearish.
3:30 Downtrend channel that is currently holding Bitcoin back.
5:11 Prolonged Negative Funding Analysis
5:45 Targets for a potential breakout are $7,400 and $7,600
6:40 Binance Order Books Showing Buy Side Orders (1000+ Bitcoin)
7:50 Weekly and Monthly Bitcoin Chart Analysis
8:50 Fibonacci Analysis for Bitcoin
10:00 The Secret Formula To Master For Trading
14:37 Using the formula to calculate your position size for a swing trade
15:49 When to increase your risk per trade amount
17:23 When to use leverage for your trades – calculating a position size for scalp trade using different levels of leverage
22:15 FREE Risk Management Guide:
11:00 Tesla Short
11:35 Uber Analysis (trade closed previously at $29 after London license was lost)
23:20 LYFT analysis – No entry yet, market dumped under first entry on market open. Watching for $44.00-$44.50 level to reach for support.
23:50 Apple (AAPL) short trade analysis. Going well so far. Took $250 strike puts on market open.

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