Do Forex Trading Robots/EA's Work? 🤔

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Do forex robots work? Do expert advisors work? I’m referring to those automated programs you can plug-into MT4 or MT5. Something that chugs away and makes trades based on an algorithm that you’ve programmed.
Do they work? But how do we define work? For me ‘work’ means that the system will work profitably thru specific market conditions (and know when to shut off). Is this somethign that has a long life?

Do Most Forex EA’s and Robots Really Work?

I’d say no because there is always a system that works for a period of time and eventually it stops working or becomes less effective. Robots might look great on the face of it but you have to keep in mind that market conditions change.
If you’re going to trade the algo, when are you going to stop? In reality trading with a forex robot is identical to trading the market. Algos can work for extended periods of time but they’ll unlikely to continue to work in the long run.

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