Day Trader Documentary – A day in the life of a multimillionaire forex trader

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Micheal Gibson says:

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CBC Tip says:

Or you could not stress, not watch the markets, just pick a few good companies and index's at good prices and hold forever. You'll make more money and have less stress.

dontswin says:

This guy could do better in the wifey category I'm thinking..well that is if his success is actually true that is…

SilentMutiny says:

She's fucking the pool boy while he is down shorting aapl

R A says:

Total BS. What is this dick bag selling?

mattariey kaizoku says:

i believe he's a multimilionair……but not from trading…….wethers he has another business income or had a property been past down by his rich family….fundi traders doesn't do trading that ways…even his technical analysis skills can be questioned

Ethan James says:

lol yeah, this is ridiculous.

Dimooon Yankl says:

And all are that work and stress for 4-5 pips? Why?

Pr Host says:

To many hate comments here … seems that there's many jealous selfish people on forex that sucks if he or anyone is making money whatever the way that better fits him then good for him….. shit is a shame to see people saying ohh he is an amateur or he doesnt use stoploss…haha who cares… are any of you getting any money by either hating or trying to be better then him? Come onnnnnnnn

Spence says:

This is fraud

Robin Samuel says:

bullshit, dude had a 3 lot position, meaning 300 000 USD, you cant make tens of fousands on such a small position

chooselife3000 says:


chooselife3000 says:

When he's not trading he's Big Black Cock Cuckold

chooselife3000 says:

The traders wife is unfaithful, and only there for the money, her body language and spoken language it stinks.

jemile al-darraji says:

ohh gosh ..what a horrible way to live …driving down the street and checking your phone for current prices…. that's just horrid….

Ally G says:

I actually got the sauce when it comes to trading forex . I can see myself making my first million in the next 2-3 years . When I do I’m gonna start a YouTube Lmfaooooooo because this guy is getting bank off of a fake video so if I’m authentic I’ll blow up

dan12345 says:

“I got in a trade because I saw you get in”. Wtf…

Георг Бахтарев says:

All I saw was Excitemen

ouin ouin says:

wife: "he is lucky that he has someone thinking big"…. i think you are the lucky one not having to work… get your facts straight

Dave kurt says:

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Victor Kok says:

Way to many screens for my liking, i prefer swing trading, way more relaxed and way more time to prepare a trade, to much information will end in contradiction and cloud the mind.



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illicitymusic says:

i thought germany is full of haters. but USA got the same problem lol so many hate comments.

Kareem Mohamed says:

multi millionaire trader but only was trading 1 lots……

Christopher Smith says:

What was the tweeter names he fallow??

Christopher Smith says:

This is absolutely addiction
No good

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