Day In The Life of a Forex Trader | Working Full Time in London

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New chapter in my trading journey – I started a full time job! Not your typical ‘forex traders’ lifestyle choice. But hey, this is real stuff right here. No fluff. No BS. Nothing wrong with a job and nothing wrong with trading full time. Keep watching the video and you’ll find out why I stopped ‘full time trading’ and got a job. Hope you enjoy the video!

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Welcome to my channel! I’m Hannah, I document my forex trading journey. I started back in Jan 2018 making all the mistakes possible and realised how flawed the forex space was on social media (I’m sick of those, 3 simple steps to become a millionaire) – hence, I created my channel to show my progress.. not only ‘trading’ wise but also in a personal development point of view.

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Terry says:

I wish I was as smart as you when I was young but I wasn't but your doing great and congrats on the New Job. 🙂

Anon zee says:

For some reason I always thought that SEO and copywriting was fake. I can do it without much thinking. it was so easy for me. I quit that job. Now I realize it was a mistake. Digital marketing has taken over everything.

Alien Boy says:

I'm short on Gbpjpy

Furqaan Thakur says:

You definitely need a job or stream of income alongside forex because u aren't gonna make money like those forex mentors who you wanna become this quick. It is stupid and dumb to not have a second or even a third stream of income with forex. Forex is a high risk high reward asset and this factor just negates all its advantages like being able to do it anywhere anytime and no pressure of waking up and having assignments to do.

Forex isn't like a job. It decreases ur creativity and makes u unproductive if u waste time just staring at the charts for more than 1 hour each day. It fricks with ur emotions. I am not saying thag u cannot be successful in forex, but it will take a long time to develop ur intuition so that u can take trades in which u r confident enough. It is like Machine Learning where u teach a machine what to do and when. Here u r teaching ur brain. Technical analysis can be done by a 9 yr old, the real hurdle is the patience and managing ur emotions part.

Don't expect much from it as it will hurt. Most forex mentors sell their courses and say that it contributes nothing to their livelihood. In reality, they are making money from forex ofc but they also need another source of income with it to stabilize their lives. Some of them also have the Real Estate thing going on. They definitely need the money from selling their courses to live. Using that money, they buy those lambos and i8s and brag abt them to attract more ppl to buy their course.

Shanielle Lawrence says:

I see so much of myself in Hannah..I always relate n love your content

abel john says:

Remember if its important to you, you will make time for it. I agree with you Hannah. Also, I like your trading desk, its nice.

Orwille says:

congrats on the new job Hannah. I've traded forex on 2017 and I blew my account hopefully I'd be back in the game after having a new job 🙂 been watching your vids for a while now. thanks for sharing

Fireman tricks says:

hey Hannah in South Africa there are no jobs so yeah I'm a forex trader but I have been looking for employment it's hard in my country.

Carmanoli says:

Hi Hannah, sorry for my english. I follox you since just a few weeks, and i would like to know what's the plateform you are using to work on your graphics. Thank's and continue.

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