Day In The Life Of A Forex Trader! London Session VLOG

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Definate TV says:

Wat IG u using?

super inventions says:

i saw that gj trade went bearish
it retraced to my stop loss and and went downwards

RambowFX says:

high as a mf in the first clip, love you Daniel

Bengie says:

Fire ass glasses

Agrmon says:

daniel when are you gonna update the course ?

Dalton Sanchez says:

The reason why I love these vlogs man and maybe people feel the same way I do but dude I kinda look up to you and to see the guy I look up to supporting us the little guys it just feels awesome you make it feel possible

Mike Miller says:

11:34 LMAOOOOOOOOOO … that turnaround im fucking dying

hi hi says:

I suggest you go bald bro

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