Can You Lose More than You Invest in Forex? 😢

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Can you ever owe money/ be in debt when fx trading? How much money could I lose trading CFDs or Forex? Can you ever owe money/ be in debt when fx trading? Can you lose more money than deposited in forex? Can you go into debt forex trading? How can you lose more money than you invest when trading forex? Say you have a long position and the market slams to the downside. Can you end up owing money? New ESMA rules state that if you trade with an European broker you can’t lose more than you have in your account. Now you must check that but generally speaking ESMA rules state that. But if you live from another country or with an unregulated broker this can still happen. If you’re highly leveraged a relatively small move can easily wipe you out. But in practice you will normally get a margin call.


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zoyten says:

But what if i use max leverage for margin and trade within my own capital like risking 1% a trade?

Johnathan Grey says:

Yes you can go into debt.

Sam Byrens says:

I am right 60 to 70 percent of the time but my emotions get in the way and I close the trade too early or move my stop loss closer and get stopped out. I am negative overall even when I am right most of the time.

Hussain Farhat says:

What about using a stop loss and protect yourself

TheVicdub says:

I don't understand Forex trading as yet but still watchin it…:-)

vipinkumar s says:

Previous week DAX n FTSE played against me gone for long position thinking that an uptrend. I kept the position but this negative balance rule made me out of the play as it's going more down now. Anyone have same issue like me?

vipinkumar s says:

Yeh in spread betting my broker cut the trade when my balance amount go negative . So that I have to save half of the amount in main balance inorder to keep the trade

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