Buying Forex Signals (Podcast Episode 74)

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Should you buy Forex signals, and if you do decide to go this route, what are the things you must be careful to avoid?  Then how should you approach from there?  We cover it all in a long episode of the Forex Q&A Podcast.
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Mashroor Siddique says:

Not a reader myself ( suffering from dyslexia) but glad a went through the blog. Vp explains stuff with lot of heart, makes it worth reading. Even Marco makes a sneaky cameo !

ania dias says:

You're so good!

Desmond Schinkel says:

The only reason a succesful trader should ask money for his signals or teachings is that the other traders hold themselves accountable. If it's free most people won't do enough to make it work.

Luca Puzzoli says:

VP IN my mind if I buy signals I will never learn how to do this for living…
On the other note if someone is interested I opened a live account with bluberrymarkets and they sent me a signal.
Thanks VP have a great week

fadhlur Ghazali says:

Vp, u have long list of podcasts. Can u pls do some sort of list of items covered? It'll make searching for our questions easier without have to open it one by one

Willem Janse says:

TBH…was thinking about a signal service…..UNTIL I found your channel……TKS, bud……I cannot thank you enough…!!!!

shelby outlaw says:

I could make so many videos saving so many people from scams. I am almost 24 started trading at 21 but I really do have a lot of experience crammed into those years Even though I haven’t been trading a long time. I learned so much.

kitchenspiral says:

Practicing NNFX way, you will be your own signal provider !!! Thank you VP!

Apichit Singbubpha says:

Success rate is 85%
$100 monthly payment please

Johnathan Grey says:

Our glorious fearless leader is back! What took you so long? Lol.

Keith Matshube says:

Your writing is awesome

4rgy11e says:

Thank you VP. Podcast will be in iTunes within minutes?

Daniel Johnson says:

Hey VP. Can you update your blog to get us the recommended videos to watch from the beginning in order from first to last (now)

RonniiV says:

Appreciate all the content you deliver

Jeff Enriquez says:

Hey VP, on the MLQ4 indicators lists, someone made an indicator based on your risk management system. It’s currently rated #3 on the MLQ4 best indicators list.

Jeff Enriquez says:

Hey bro, it’s Marco… buy my signals bro. I trade it all.

velosapien says:

Thank you, you are a star

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