Bull Trap Trading Strategy for Forex Traders 🍆

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Bull Trap In Forex Strategy. What is a Bull Trap? http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE The Bull trap trading strategy in forex. This is a good trading strategy; i’m going to focus on forex for this video. The idea of the bull trap is that you are trapping buyers. You are looking at price action which suggests that price is going higher enticing buyers only for the price to reverse sharply and the buyers then getting caught out and utilising their stops to make money on the short side. As such its a going against the crowd strategy (contrarian strategy) and the risk-reward variables can be very favourable.

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J00709405282 5 says:

Well said! I fell in these traps many times!

Thomas Immler says:

cool interessant

Marco Taning says:

I use that startegy quite a lot but the main problem is spotting the long downward momovement sometimes it just happen very short

Ignizer Trading says:

I trade like that. Love it

Tullochgorum says:

We've been testing something similar recently with good results, but you don't say anything about how you handle exits which is more than half the battle, we feel. How are you managing those 10:1 trades?

ma.theresa sarmiento says:

Although very rarely I trade forex in the higher timeframe, I do use this strategy especially when it's attempting to breach the multiple tops. I always look for rejection candles (shooting star/gravestones dojis/evening star) with S/L set a few ticks above the wick. However if the pair involves USD or anything close behaving as dollar-proxy, my final check would be in the movement of the dollar futures preferably in a 1-minute movement so I'll have a good head start to the move. A lockstep watch. I'm using this in a 5-minute trade and so far it's working well for me.

Tshiamo Setshedi says:

Nice. is it just applicable for trapping bulls or is it the same thing for bears being trapped? just on the opposite side of the chart obviously

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